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Fertilizer costs have eased somewhat since the start of 2022 but remain volatile. We have advice to help your customers ensure their corn gets the nitrogen it needs this season, despite the costs.

Expand Your Nitrogen Knowledge, Earn CEU Credit

Take the Nitrogen Maximizers Masterclass and earn continuing education credit in nutrient management. Learn what’s in the masterclass and how to take it.

Herbicide selections change based on the crop in the field, weather, temperature and windows of opportunity for treatment. A portfolio of herbicide options available from Corteva Agriscience ensures you find the fit that works for you.
Where other plants wilt, kochia thrives, especially in gritty, inhospitable conditions. Even under difficult conditions, retailers depend on Rezuvant® herbicide to control kochia.
Tough-to-control weeds, including smartweed, alligatorweed and yellow nutsedge, are no match for the power of Novixid® herbicide.
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